Bulgari Supports Youth Empowerment Program With Save The Children Foundation

It isn’t every day that a renowned chef flies to Bolivia to teach teens how to bake. However, that is exactly with Chef Niko Romito recently did. In a new program from Bulgari and Save the Children, Chef Romito sought to empower young people through baking. For the recent Youth Empowerment programs funded by Bulgari in Bolivia, this renowned chef, and chef for several Bulgari Hotels, among other ventures, spent a few days in La Paz, Bolivia, working with young people and teaching them the art of baking bread.

Chef Niko Romito teaches children in Bolivia to bake via the Youth Empowerment Program implemented by Bulgari and Save teh Children.

Chef Niko Romito teaches children in Bolivia to bake via the Youth Empowerment Program implemented by Bulgari and Save teh Children.BULGARI

Bulgari launched a global partnership with Save the Children almost 10 years ago in 2009. With a shared goal of helping children in need, Bulgari has raised more than $85 million in nine years via the sale of Bulgari’s Save the Children jewelry collection, that includes a special ring, pendant and bracelet inspired by the brand’s famed B.zero1 collection. The funds raised have helped support more than 100 projects in 33 countries – assisting more than a million at-risk children with education, and youth empowerment programs.

Through the Save the Children program, young people are encouraged to learn new skills to cultivate self-confidence and to find their true passions and ways to accomplish those dreams. As an offshoot project, Bulgari and Save the Children implemented the newer Youth Empowerment program in 2016, which will be on-gong for the next five years. Geared for youth ages 14 to 20 years old, it is designed to equip them with social, economic and business skills to fulfill their potential with support from the community by making informed decisions.

bulgari chef niko romito, save teh children

Chef Niko Romito in Bolivia teaching baking via the Youth Empowerment Program implemented by Bulgari and Save the Children.BULGARI

During the most recent Youth Empowerment project in Bolivia, Romito, with a three Michelin stars restaurants in Castel di Sangro, Italy, called Reale, showcased how the four ingredients used to make bread (flour, water, salt, yeast) can yield incredible differences in different environments and under different chefs.

As a result of the Youth Empowerment Bulgari Program, funded by the Bulgari Corporation, there are several success stories stemming from the work in Bolivia, including one 18-year-old young lady who has learned to bake cakes, bread and empanadas that she and her brother sell in their neighborhood to make a living. Most of the successes communicated by the program reflect similar stories.

Bulgari, Save the Children

Bulgari Save the Children ring, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Foundation and its efforts.BULGARI

As mentioned, the partnership with Save the Children was initiated on behalf of Bulgari was implemented in 2009, when the company was celebrating its 125th anniversary and sought to commit to a better future for todays children. The brand focused on its much-loved B.zero1 series to create a special collection dedicated to raising funds for this cause. The jewelry in the line includes a $560 ring, a $580 bracelet and a $620 pendant. For every sale, $100 is donated to Save the Children.

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