Does Justin Bieber’s Cosign Mean Cargo Shorts Are Good Now?


old on. Gimme a minute. I’m trying to pick the pieces of my shattered mind off the floor real quick. Because just when I thought things couldn’t get any stranger in the world of men’s style, Justin Bieber had to go full Golf Dad and rock a light blue polo, some very sporty sneakers, and a pair of actual freakin’ cargo shorts.

And considering Bieber is a legitimate force in shaping the fashion zeitgeist—let us never forget the Summer of Sleaze—that means we all have to ask ourselves a very important question: Are cargo shorts good now?

Before you answer, take another look:

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - October 16, 2018

Whereas going full sleaze was about leaning into the stereotype, g0ing Full Cargo Short is more about subverting the norm. Justin Bieber is dressing like your dad! Or your uncle! Or any one of the many men in your life who refuses to ditch his gigantic, stuff-haulin’ short pants.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - October 16, 2018

And precisely because he is Justin Bieber, there’s something more to it than mere resignation. This is an act of rebellion. Of defiance. It’s not sleazecore or normcore or dadcore, it’s just bad. And then, somehow, kinda good?

But here’s the crucial thing: It’s only kinda good. Like, very barely good. And only for Justin Bieber. So if you want to bust out the cargo shorts, you’d better have the right “fuck you, fashion” pedigree to back it up. And even then, it’s unlikely that it’s a good idea.

Unless… maybe… it is?


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