How To Shop For Clothes That Fit


When it comes to shopping for clothes, many of us get hung up on sizes and numbers. We’ve all experienced the frustration of different clothing brands having various definitions of one size, making it difficult to find clothing that fits your body.

At Ideal Ladies Wear, we believe that your clothes should be a reflection of who you are and should make you feel your best.

Next time you head out on a shopping trip, remember these tips to help you choose clothes that will fit you in all the right places:

1. Forget About Sizes

Did you know that size 00 is a relatively new addition to women’s clothing sizes? Larger sizes of clothing have become victims to vanity sizing, in an effort to make women feel better about themselves. Larger sizes are labelled with smaller numbers, but the actual size remains the same.

We recommend that you use sizes as a guideline; if you’re typically a size 8, try on a 6 and a 10 to see which size fits you best.

2. Shop For Your Biggest Part

The best way to feel uncomfortable in your clothes is to try to shop for your smallest part and then squeeze the rest of your body into the clothing.

Instead, shop for your biggest part, whether that’s your hips or your chest, or even your shoulders. Pear-shaped bodies should shop for items that fit the bottom half, while more muscular shapes should shop for shoulders and biceps — and tall women should shop according to length.

3. Get Your Clothing Altered

If you’re shopping for your biggest part, you’ll want to consider having your clothes altered to fit the rest of your body. Good tailoring can make all the difference in turning a piece of clothing into something that fits you perfectly, especially when something fits you around your waist but not on your hips. Alterations can also help you feel better the next time you’re in the fitting room — your body doesn’t need to be altered to fit a certain size, your clothes do!

The most important thing to remember when shopping for clothes is to choose pieces that fit you comfortably and make you feel great! At Ideal Ladies Wear, we offer wardrobe consultations and clothing alterations to help you find pieces that will help you look and feel your best.


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