Kylie Jenner Announces Three New Lip Kits, Including One Named After Herself

With the seemingly neverending influx of eye shadow palettes from Kylie Cosmetics lately, it can be easy to forget that it all began with the instantly iconic Lip Kits. Arguably the cornerstone of the brand, each Lip Kit comes with a lip pencil and matching liquid lipstick. But even though there are already more than 60 shades, that doesn’t mean Kylie Jenner can’t come up with a few more — and three are dropping this Friday.

Jenner took to both her personal and brand Instagram Stories to share a first look at the new Lip Kit shades. “So finally, these three Lip Kits are launching this Friday. And I wanted to try them on for you guys: Queen, 2014, and Kylie — my favorite,” she says. Yep, she named one of the colors after herself, and that’s the first one she applies in the clips. “And then here is the color on top,” she says after applying the pale nude-pink liquid lipstick over the pencil.”And the color’s a little lighter than the lip liner.”

“So I have Queen lip liner on now, and then I’m gonna show you guys the matte lip,” Jenner says in another clip as she brings the applicator to her lips to apply the peachy color. In a subsequent video she reveals what Queen looks like when dried down, and then reveals that these three new liquid lipsticks aren’t the same formula as those in her previous Lip Kits. “Also, all these formulas are a little different, and I wanna know what you guys think of them. They’re like a little thinner and more comfortable.”

Finally, she tries on the shade 2014. “I named it this because 2014 was when I first really dyed my hair, and I dyed it like a blue teal. And yeah, I was blue teal almost all of 2014.” She follows that with, “So that’s that. These three new children of mine launch this Friday on And I love this color so much, I’m about to shoot it at my photo shoot right now.”

And shoot it is she did, sharing shots of her modeling 2014, Queen, and Kylie on the brand’s Instagram grid.

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